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Thank you for your participation!



The survey contained 6 topics. The linked sub-pages bring you to the background information and key issues of each topic:

  1. Keeping track of vehicles within the EU (intra-EU trade)
  2. Methods to achieve more complete reporting on extra-EU export and ways to distinguish between exporting ELVs vs. used vehicle
  3. Enforcement techniques to reduce illegal dismantling of ELVs at dealers and repair shops (garages) and actions to improve ATF compliance
  4. Public awareness and incentives for ELV tracking and environmental risks
  5. Aspects to improve coverage and data quality when reporting on ELVs (possible revision of the Commission Decision 2005/293/EC)
  6. Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and ELVs


For the purpose of this consultation the participant had to use the online survey accessible through the link above (removed from 22 September 2016).

The software let the participant through each section of the survey. It was possible to skip any numbered sections the participant feel is not relevant.

The survey results will be published on the this website and on 'Your Voice in Europe' within 4 months after the launch of this public stakeholder consultation. If you would like to be notified when the results are published, please register your interest.


Technical aspects of the online survey

In case you need to interrupt your participation in the survey, its software allows you to store your answers as an incomplete questionnaire and to resume participation later. Having finished the questionnaire, you may also print the answers provided.


Legal note

A cookie will be saved to your computer once you submit a survey. This cookie will block one user from multiple attempts to respond to the survey. Hence, please note that once you submit the survey from your computer, it will not be possible to open the survey again.

The survey is designed to collect contributors' identities, including name, company and email. You can indicate if you wish your contribution to be anonymous. Please note that an anonymous contribution may not be considered in the final results of the survey.

Please take note of the specific privacy statement  and of the personal data protection information.