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Public consultation on potential measures to improve the implementation of certain aspects of the Directive on end-of-life vehicles, with emphasis on ELVs of unknown whereabouts

This public stakeholder consultation ran for twelve weeks from 29 June 2016 to 21 September 2016.


This consultation was run by Oeko-Institut e.V. on behalf of the European Commission, with the purpose to collect stakeholder contributions.

The objective of this consultation was to receive the views of stakeholders or individuals concerned with the topic of the consultation and to potentially publish them on the internet.

The context of this public consultation included the following EU documents:

  • Directive 2000/53/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 September 2000 on end-of life vehicles (subsequently called the “ELV Directive”);
  • Commission Decision 2005/293/EC of 1 April 2005 laying down detailed rules on monitoring reuse/recovery and reuse/recycling targets set out in Directive 2000/53/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on end-of life vehicles (subsequently called the “Commission Decision”).

Other legally binding documents and measures related to the topic of the consultation (on the EU and Member States level) were also included in the scope.

This public consultation was not related to the preparation of a legislative proposal nor to an evaluation.


The public stakeholder consultation were hosted on this web-platform, which is used to share:

  • Relevant information about the study and its activities as well as about the on-going public consultation, including access to relevant documents;
  • Access to the survey (not active anymore);
  • The possibility for consultation participants and stakeholders interested in the consultation results to register to on a mailing list, so as to receive further notifications of consultation proceedings and results;
  • Consultation results (expected to be available in October/November 2016);
  • Information about a stakeholder's workshop that will take place on 21 November 2016 in Brussels.


Technical and scientific evaluation of stakeholder input will be performed by Oeko-Institut e.V.

This public stakeholder consultation was a part of the study “Assessment of the implementation of Directive 2000/53/EC on end-of life vehicles (the ELV Directive) with emphasis on the end-of life vehicles of unknown whereabouts” led by the Oeko-Institut with the cooperation of Argus Statistik und Informationssysteme in Umwelt und Gesundheit GmbH as well as ICEDD – Institut de Conseil et d'Etudes en Developpement Durable and Resources and Waste Advisory Group (RWA) as subcontractors and prepared for the European Commission.


Please note that the role of Oeko-Institut e.V. is only to collect and evaluate the information provided by stakeholders with the aim to provide the Commission with recommendations in relation to the objectives of the study. Any decision making, however, is the sole responsibility of EU institutions.

Neither the fact that a stakeholder consultation was being launched, nor the results of this stakeholder consultation should be interpreted as a political or legal signal that the Commission intends to take a given action.